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Learn how to tackle arum lilies at a local workshop that will put the spotlight on the toxic weed and how to control it in your backyard or back paddock.

The City of Busselton is teaming up with the region’s peak conservation group, Nature Conservation Margaret River Region, to run a free, hands-on workshops tailored for residents to help manage arum lilies on their property.

It’s at Naturaliste Community Centre in Dunsborough from 3.00pm-4.30pm on Saturday, July 29, with an information session followed by a spraying demonstration if weather permits. To register for the free workshop, CLICK HERE.

“We’d love to see any locals who want to learn more about controlling arum lilies in a safe, environmentally friendly way. It’s also a great opportunity for anyone who owns a holiday home or rental property in the region to come along and find out more about arum lilies and how you can do your bit,” says Nature Conservation biodiversity officer Mike Griffiths.

Busselton Mayor Grant Henley said: “A lot of people don’t realise how quickly arum lilies can multiply in the backyard and spread to other properties and valuable bushland. With some good information and the right equipment, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to tackle the arum lilies yourself.”

The workshop will include information on when and how to treat arums safely, using special low-risk herbicide, as well as how to control them manually. It will also give landholders the chance to sign up to Nature Conservation’s Arum Lily Blitz and to receive free herbicide and printed information sheets. The City of Busselton will also provide an update on how it is controlling arums in local parks and reserves, and hand out postcards to promote people reporting arums where they see them.

The arum lily is a South African ornamental plant that escaped from local gardens many years ago and now degrades southwest forests, outcompetes wildflowers, and chokes out understorey vegetation and crucial wildlife habitat. The Arum Lily Blitz is a community-based initiative aimed at bringing residents, land management agencies and businesses together across the Capes region to address the control of arums. The Blitz is funded by the WA Government’s State Natural Resources Management Program until 2024.

For more information visit or where you can also register to join the Arum Lily Blitz.

Photo: City of Busselton environment officer Will Oldfield (left) with Nature Conservation Margaret River Region’s Mike Griffiths.