Bush Regeneration Team

Environmental Services

Giving landholders the tools, expertise, assistance and on-ground capability to help protect nature and biodiversity on their property. 

Help is at hand for your property

Nature Conservation’s Bush Regeneration Team is available for advice, planning and fee-for-service contract work such as weed management and control, planting natives and watering seedlings. We’ll help you understand the biodiversity values at your place, how best to support the environment, and physically carry out the work.

Bush Regeneration Team for quality bushland management

Our passionate and experienced team can help landholders make a positive contribution on their property, to the highest environmental standards and representing great value for money.  The on-ground team is focused on quality bushland management through revegetation and controlling invasive weeds.

“We got in touch with Nature Conservation, and we’re stoked we can go forward and start making some progress by systematically removing weedy wattles. We’ve seen how quickly they can spread, and they’re choking the bush. We’re excited to make a start, remove this weedy species and really improve on what we’ve got here on the estate with the help of the Bush Regeneration Team.”

- Voyager Estate vineyard manager Glen Ryan

“Exceptional work ethic, highly motivated.”

- Harmony Forest Cottages and Lakeside Lodge

Funds reinvested in the environment

Nature Conservation is a registered not-for-profit group and any profit generated by the Bush Regeneration Team is reinvested in our organisation and community-based environmental programs. That helps grow our impact and diversify funding streams, so we’re less reliant on grants and short-lived funding cycles.

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