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Fair Harvest Permaculture is teaming up with Nature Conservation Margaret River Region to offer a course to the local community on repairing and rehabilitating riverbanks and wetlands.

It’s aimed at landholders who live in or near a catchment area in the Margaret River region or beyond and who want to learn how to boost nature, habitat, biodiversity and water quality.

Click HERE to register for the Riparian Zone Rehabilitation Course, running from May 22-26.

“Over the last couple of years, we have had a major focus on water catchment on the farm, as we feel this will be a critical resource in years to come,” says Fair Harvest’s Jodie Lane. “This year our focus is on restoring the waterways for the ecological health of the system. Thanks to Nature Conservation Margaret River Region’s For Nature Landholder Stewardship Program, we’ve received help and support in developing a plan for planting the section of the Mokidup catchment that flows past Fair Harvest.”

Ms Lane continued: “Together we have chosen a site and created a plan for fencing, weed management, planting and plant protection. As a part of our education arm, we’d like to open this project to the public with a course aimed at learning about the plants, animals and health of the creek as well as planting and becoming actively involved.”

The course covers a broad range of subjects with local experts involved in the careful rehabilitation of this special area. These includes local knowledge of creek line species and rehabilitation with Peta Lierich from Nature Conservation Margaret River, and a reading the land workshop with Ian Hackett.

There’s also riparian zone planting and care with Rod Hughes from Fair Harvest’s Permaculture Design Course teaching team, native plant propagation with Rod Cary from Geographe Community Landcare Nursery and a special day on wildlife species and habitat creation in riparian zones with author and nesting box guru Simon Cherriman. Weed management and native plant protection will also be covered.

Nature Conservation’s Peta Lierich said the course was a unique, exciting opportunity for landholders to take a deep dive on riparian rehabilitation, and a chance to tap into the vast knowledge of an expert teaching team.

The course – priced to cover running costs only – is $500 per person and includes five nights camping at the Fair Harvest Campground, tasty daily lunch from the permaculture garden, access to camp kitchen and all camp facilities, tuition and guided hands-on experience.