Ways you can help

There are many ways to be involved in nature conservation and caring for our environment. ‘Getting involved’ can be through the actions we take in our garden or on our property; by becoming a volunteer or citizen scientist, or joining a Friends group. It can simply be through an awareness and enthusiasm for our local area; reporting what you see and having a curiosity to learn more.

Help Nature in your garden and on your property

Wildlife needs space and places to live. Gardens and properties can support the local wildlife by providing areas to shelter, nest and feed in. As different types of wildlife have different needs, the more diverse a garden or property the more species it will support. The Help Nature in your Garden page contains more information on encouraging native flora and fauna to visit and use your garden or visit the Help Nature on your Property page to discover more about increasing biodiversity on a larger block.

Learn about the Environment and how to identify our local flora and fauna

Much of our wildlife (fauna) is dependent on our native vegetation (flora). The Margaret River region has a high diversity of flora and fauna and we live in what is known as a biodiversity hotspot.

Visit the Learn about the Environment resource page to find out more about how to start identifying the local plants and animals or download the Monitoring Guide to discover what flora and fauna occurs in the Margaret River region and how to identify those in your garden, on your property or on your travels visiting parks and reserves.

Report what you see

Report what you see to add to the collective knowledge of our local flora and fauna. There are organisations that collect information on the distribution and abundance of flora and fauna and any changes that are occurring over time. The data can provide the evidence for why we may need to manage our activities differently.

Local knowledge and observations are invaluable. Visit the Report What You See page to find out more.

Recording changes over time is referred to as monitoring. It can be as simple as recording the birds you see in your garden each day or photographing changes in vegetation at regular intervals over time. More information on how to monitor can also be found in the Monitoring Guide to Flora and Fauna of the Cape to Cape Region.

Become a Nature Conservation Volunteer

Our time as a volunteer is one of the greatest gifts we can give to the environment of the Margaret River region. With many hands at work, a lot can be achieved in a relatively short period of time.

Nature Conservation Volunteers can take part in planting and weeding events throughout the year, attend workshops or be involved with the annual Bioblitz. There are also volunteer roles in the Nature Conservation office.

Register as a volunteer to receive the quarterly newsletter and notifications via email of activities and events.