Residents across the Margaret River region are mobilising in a new environmental initiative to help nature in their suburban backyards, on their bush blocks and their rural properties.

Nature Conservation Margaret River Region has launched its For Nature Landowner Stewardship Program. And whether you have a small suburban backyard, a bush block or a larger rural property, this exciting, practical, hands-on program is designed to give you the inspiration, knowledge and connections to help conserve and enhance nature.

Registering with For Nature keeps you up to date on information, events, workshops, field trips and garden tours. It connects you with like-minded people caring for nature in the region. And it keeps you informed about conservation funding opportunities, incentives and loan equipment that will make conservation action a whole lot easier.

In a world facing environmental issues that can feel overwhelming, joining For Nature is a way for everyone in the Margaret River region to take meaningful action!

The For Nature Landowner Stewardship Program is proudly supported by funding from the West Australian Government’s State Natural Resources Management Program, the Water Corporation and the Shire of Augusta Margaret River. We also work closely with partners including the Margaret River Wine Association’s sustainability program and the Lower Blackwood Catchment Land Conservation District Committee.


For Nature knowledge

Inspiration, Knowledge and Connections

Click the buttons below to tap into a wealth of For Nature resources and learn how you can make a difference:

Find Inspiration – Let our special nature inspire you to get involved in conservation action. Read our For Nature Champions Series showcasing the work already being undertaken by property owners, gardeners, schools and volunteers to conserve and enhance nature in the Margaret River region.

Gain Knowledge Learn how you can help to protect biodiversity across the Margaret River region. This section of is packed full of information to help you to learn about the environment and to undertake conservation action in your garden or on your property.

Make Connections Connect with experts and like-minded people to share ideas and information. Join our regular For Nature Catch Ups – which include talks, field visits and workshops – to learn new skills and connect with experts,  Nature Conservation staff and other landholders undertaking nature conservation activities. Plus, find out how to apply for grants to help fund conservation work at your place. And use our free equipment loan service.

Find Inspiration

Gain Knowledge

Make Connections

How you can benefit by joining For Nature

We invite you to register with For Nature so we can share ideas and information.

Joining For Nature helps you:
⇒ Learn practical ways to boost the conservation value of your garden, property and bushland, from knowing which species to plant to how to control weeds, attract native animals and improve biodiversity.
⇒ Make connections through our series of talks, activities, field trips and hands-on workshops to share knowledge and link you to like-minded people.
⇒ Receive free advice from experts, and access useful fact sheets and case studies.

⇒ Access cost-sharing funding and a free equipment loan service to get the conservation job done at your place.
⇒ Keep up to date with projects and campaigns that you can take part in, and conservation action being undertaken in our region.

Joining For Nature helps us:
⇒ Demonstrate the level of interest in For Nature to leverage ongoing program support and funding.
⇒ Understand interests and provide a tailored program that is useful and relevant.
⇒ Know who is undertaking conservation action across the region so we can target the gaps.


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