Maintaining an asset protection zone, cutting out “fire ladders”, choosing the right mulch and proper spacing between plants are some of the secrets to protecting your property from bushfire.

And these secrets and more will be shared at a free Nature Conservation Margaret River Region fire-wise workshop and live garden installation as part of the conservation group’s For Nature Landholder Stewardship Program on June 25 from 10am-12noon.

The Wallcliffe Volunteer Fire Brigade at 555 Wallcliffe Rd, Margaret River will become home to an educational garden patch aiming to show the community how the combination of the right plants, mulches and layout can help counter the impact of ember attack during a fire.

As part of the event, award-winning environmental designer and educator Chris Ferreira from the Forever Project will host a live fire-wise garden demonstration, covering key topics like plant choice and location, choosing mulch, protecting your home and assets, preserving key habitat species, and removing “fire ladders” such as tangled, lower branches of trees.

“We had an intense summer of wildfires which puts fire risk at the forefront of people’s minds. And although we’re in the winter months, now is the time to be planning fire management at your place for the coming spring and summer,” says Peta Lierich, who runs NCMRR’s For Nature program.

“It’s a good time to reinvent or install a garden at your place, so we are showing the region you can have a native garden in a bushfire-prone zone if you incorporate some fire-wise principles in the asset protection zone around your house.

“Being bushfire-safe doesn’t mean you have to decimate your garden, remove trees and compromise biodiversity and amenities. We want to show the community that you can have diverse native gardens that are fire-wise – as long as you stick to some simple principles.”

Mr Ferreira said he was excited to come to the Margaret River region to share his extensive knowledge. He described the live demonstration as a “fusion of education and entertainment”. “It’s a fast-paced and engaging performance, which will see an expert team from the Forever Project narrate the installation of a sustainable fire-wise garden from the ground up,” he said. “The narration provides insight into the reasoning and environmental science behind all decisions and actions taken to create the space.”

There will also be book giveaways and free plant vouchers, with free morning tea as well. Tickets are free and everyone is welcome, but attendees must REGISTER HERE or by emailing

The For Nature Landowner Stewardship Program is designed to help you give nature a hand at your place. Registering is free and comes with loads of benefits for locals, like grants for conservation work at your place, free equipment hire and practical guides and resources online. Find out more at:

For Nature is proudly supported by funding from the State Natural Resource Management Program WA, Water Corporation and Shire of Augusta Margaret River.