Nature Conservation successful in 2018 State NRM Community Stewardship Grants Round

Nature Conservation is excited to announce that it has been successful in 3 grant applications in the 2018 State NRM Community Stewardship Grants Round announced in early January 2019. The full list of successful projects is available at 

A summary of Nature Conservation’s  three successful projects is provided below.


CSGL18144  $340,360  (3 year grant) Strategic arum lily management in the Margaret River region. 

The Margaret River region is prized for its high biodiversity, agricultural and visual landscape values, and is a significant tourism destination. The widespread presence and continuing spread of arum lily is threatening these well-recognised values and is of significant concern to residents, visitors and the farming and business community. A management plan has been developed by DBCA and Nature Conservation WA to provide strategic direction on management of arum lily in the Margaret River region. The plan is supported by all relevant stakeholders through the Capes Regional Environmental Weed Group and will facilitate a coordinated, concerted and sustained approach across all land tenures. Project activities include:  a communication campaign  arum lily surveying and mapping  landholder engagement  development and implementation of annual control programs  arum lily monitoring. The outcome of the project will be a change in community culture and a significant reduction in the extent of arum lily across the Margaret River region.


CSGS185116 $25,000 (1 year grant) Continuing the successful ‘Adopt a Spot’ Schools Program

This project will continue the successful ‘Adopt a Spot’ Schools Program funded by the State NRM Program during 2017 and 2018. ‘Adopt a Spot’ aims to foster long term connections between local primary schools and local bushland, foreshore and coastal rehabilitation sites in the Margaret River region. Connected with volunteer friends of reserve groups, schools care long term for their ‘adopted spot’, becoming the environmental stewards of reserve sites. During the project over 300 Year 4 students will undertake rehabilitation activities including planting, weeding, brushing and rubbish collection at their adopted sites. Sixteen ‘Adopt a Spot’ excursions will be conducted delivering 750 volunteer hours. This project will support and foster long term community partnerships as well as delivering significant on ground environmental and educational outcomes for the Margaret River region.


CSGS185136 $23,880 (1 year grant) Coordinated community engagement and stewardship in the Margaret River region

Nature Conservation Margaret River Region will use the results of the 2018 Nature Conservation Community Survey to develop a Community Engagement and Stewardship Strategy with the aim of coordinating and increasing community engagement in environmental action in the Margaret River region. The Strategy will provide a strategic, operational and promotional framework within which future environmental volunteering and citizen science programs are delivered as well as developing a whole of community stewardship program to inspire urban and rural landowners, the broader economic sectors of wine, tourism and business and the local indigenous community. The Strategy will identify priority environment outcomes and targets for community engagement and stewardship, key engagement opportunities and mechanisms, and recruitment, management and recognition processes, integrating and building on Nature Conservation’s current engagement and stewardship programs.