Nature Conservation calls on all landholders to control arum lily this spring.

Nature Conservation is ramping up a campaign to get on top of the arum lily in the Margaret River region and needs all landowner’s to get involved in controlling this invasive weed on their properties. 

Arum lily is a very invasive weed that spreads rapidly. It invades areas of good quality native vegetation reducing diversity of native species and decreasing habitat and food resources for native animals. It detracts from the beautiful and unique nature of the region. Arum lily is found across many areas of the Margaret River region and is continuing to spread.

The good news is that arum lily plants are easily killed using very low rates of the appropriate herbicide. Many landholders in the region are already controlling arum lily on their properties. In Burnside, Kilcarnup, Margaret River, Redgate and Calgardup over 250 neighbours have been working together across more than 3000 hectares to control the weed and are making a significant difference. This approach is very effective as the overall infestation is significantly reduced and the likelihood of reinfestation by birds spreading seeds is minimised. Everyone doing their bit ensures that the efforts being put in by others aren’t compromised.

The only way to successfully control arum lily to protect the biodiversity and scenic beauty of the Margaret River region is for all landholders to work together. Nature Conservation calls on all landholders to join a blitz on this unwelcome plant.

If you would like assistance or advice contact Nature Conservation on 9757 2202 or [email protected]