Giant Light Steps Alliance gets started

An exciting initiative is bringing many sectors of our community together to form an environmental stewardship alliance called Giant Light Steps. The alliance is coordinated by Nature Conservation Margaret River Region and chaired by Nature Conservation Margaret River Region’s current Chair, Dr Boyd Wykes.

The Foundation Members of the alliance are Nature Conservation Margaret River Region, Shire of Augusta Margaret River, Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association, Margaret River Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Transition Margaret River, and the South West Catchments Council. As we get some runs on the board we anticipate that other parties will wish to join with us to harness collective energy and influence for the region’s environment.

At a start-up meeting on 14 August, Dr Wykes said “GLS creates a round-table bringing together key industry groups, government and community to share a co-ordinated environmental stewardship role.” The name ‘Giant Light Steps’ refers to each of our key economic and community sectors addressing their own responsibilities for regional conservation while working together to tackle landscape-wide challenges.” There is recognition amongst businesses and major industries like tourism that the region’s social and economic future would be determined by its ability to manage its environmental challenges. We know there is no environment life-guard on duty,” he said. “If we do not come together to use our collective influence, by default we may well trash the environment on which our lifestyle and livelihoods depend.

While Nature Conservation continues to pursue its hands-on conservation programs like biodiversity protection, threatened species protection, environmental education and coastcare, our group is also providing guidance and encouragement for all parts of our region, to ensure that together we truly achieve environmental protection and improvement.