Breaking news on Margaret River’s Masked Owls

Our Masked Warriors (aka Boyd Wykes and Steve Castan) have closely monitored a pair of Masked Owls since early April, when they were tracked to their roost in a peppie grove on the Margaret River.

From 24 July the male has been roosting alone, with sound recordings showing that he feeds his mate each night in a nearby hollow. The latest recording on 28 October provides the news we have all been waiting for – hatchling owls in the nest. To our knowledge, this is the first time that nesting Masked Owls have been documented anywhere in SW WA.

From the many regurgitated pellets that have been collected, we know that over 90% of their diet is introduced rats, captured around housing in the outskirts of Margaret River. The aim of our rodenticide campaign is to ensure that the rats fed to our hatchling owls are not their death warrants.

Take a look at the male Masked Owl in this great video by Boyd Wykes

Listen to the new hatchlings in this sound recording by Boyd Wykes.


Nature Conservation’s Rodenticide Group is raising funds to save our local SW Masked Owls. Support the cause, spread the word and help protect these beautiful creatures.