Help Nature On Your Property

Bushland in the Margaret River region is valuable. In a largely altered landscape, remnant native vegetation provides a refuge for many species of plants and wildlife. It provides protection against soil erosion and salinity, assists in maintaining water quality, provides natural pest control, stores carbon and modifies climate. It provides diversity and beauty in a largely cleared and altered landscape.

Remnant native vegetation and associated wildlife face many threats including clearing, grazing, Phytophthora dieback, tree decline, weeds, feral animals and fire.

Nature Conservation estimates that around 70 % of land in the Margaret River region is privately owned.  A bush block or an area of remnant vegetation on a rural property, whether small or large may provide a variety of habitats and be important as part of a wildlife corridor across the landscape.

Bushland Management Information Sheets

You can help nature by managing the conservation values on your property. Nature Conservation’s Bushland Management Information Sheets below provide landowners with the advice needed to manage conservation values on their properties.

The Information Sheets can be downloaded individually using the links below or visit our Publications page to download the set of sheets as one document. You can also contact our office and speak with a Biodiversity Officer if you have specific questions about your property.

If you would like extra tips for your garden or own an urban residential property check out our Gardens for Nature Information Sheets to see how you can help nature in your garden.

For Nature

Discovering more about your property

There are many guides to the local flora and fauna of the Margaret River region. Nature Conservation’s handy Guide to Flora and Fauna of the Cape to Cape Region provides colourful photographs and a brief description of the local flora and fauna you may see on your property or out and about.

Other guides which are a useful resource for landowners include: Western Ringtail Possums and your Property and Birdlife WA’s Black Cockatoos and your property

Tailored property assessments and advice

Nature Conservation can also be approached directly to conduct property biodiversity assessments, on a fee for service basis. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.

Land for Wildlife is a voluntary scheme to encourage and assist private landholders to provide habitats for wildlife on their property. The scheme is coordinated by the Department of Conservation, Biodiversity and Attractions Parks and more information can be found on the Department’s website.

Property assessments are available through the Shire of Augusta Margaret River’s Environmental Stewardship Program. Application rounds for the Program are advertised on the Shire’s website and in the local press. The Shire will appoint up to four successful properties to the stewardship program each year, based on how well each property meets certain criteria.