Nature Conservation is once again conducting the Spring Possum Tally and needs your help. The Tally provides valuable information on where the critically endangered Western ringtail possum lives in and around Margaret River, information that can be used to protect this critically endangered species.

Whether you live on an urban block, adjacent to an area of bushland or on a rural property you can contribute to Western ringtail possum conservation by counting the the possums you see. The Tally starts on Monday 7th October and we ask participants to count ringtails twice a week for 4 weeks, completing the Tally by Monday 4th November. So get your family and friends involved and get out at night and see how many ringtails you can spot. A guide to Western ringtail possum spotlighting can be dowloaded below.

Signing up to participate in the Tally is easy. Just register for the tally below and choose a site where you have seen Western ringtail possums before. It may be your own garden or a local park or patch of bush nearby where you live. You must count in the same location for the whole of Tally period and we ask that you record ringtails within a defined area, preferably around 50 metres x 50 metres. Then download the data recording sheet and start counting.

If you need further information on how to complete the tally please contact Lyndsey Cox on 97572202 or [email protected].

This project is supported by Nature Conservation, South West Catchment Council through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program and the
Shire of Augusta Margaret River’s Environmental Management Fund.

Register for the 2019 tally

Download the data recording sheet

Possum Spotlighting Guide